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Free shipping on orders of $75!
Free shipping on orders of $75!

10 pk Fruit and Nut Truffle Collection

Truffle Bars
$ 25.95

Chocolate, Fruits, and Nuts have been paired together for centuries, here’s our modern spin on a century-old classic.

Our Fruit and Nut collection offers 5 different moonshine bars. Each box contains 2 of each Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Black Raspberry, Hazelnut, Viennese Almond and Fresh Orange.

Chocolate Moonshine Bars are wrapped in pure Belgian chocolate, filled with a silky smooth center made of cream & fresh-pressed fruits, and uniquely hand painted with cocoa butter…

You can expect a Soft Silky Smooth Center Coated in Chocolate. Pure and Natural Taste. 0 Trans Fats. Non-Alcoholic. Hand painted with Cocoa Butter. Gluten Free. Belgian Chocolate. Micro Batches. Family Owned. No Egg or Wheat. 50% Less Sugar.

10 pcs per box, 20 G each piece, 200 Grams total