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FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $75!!
FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $75!!



Can I Ship Internationally?

We are currently able to ship only in the United States. Please see our Shipping Information page for more details 

How are orders shipped? 

We have 2 methods of shipping to help make it easier for you. UPS and Fed Ex. Please see our Shipping Information page for more details 

Do you ship in warm weather? 

Yes, our Fudge lasts up to 130 degrees (it’ll get soft, but back at room temperature or a little time in the freezer and it will get back to normal). and each chocolate item is carefully packed in insulation with proper refrigerant. We have a NO MELT guarantee.


Do your Alcohol Flavors of chocolates and fudge contain alcohol? 

Several of our confections include alcohol, but they are low enough for sale and safe consumption for minors. The Fudge items are Black Cherry Bourbon, Smoked Whiskey, Bourbon Sea Salt. The Truffles are Whiskey, Moonshiner, Orange Bourbon, Black Cherry Bourbon, Pink Champagne, Spiked Joe, Mojito, Piña Colada.  

Which of your items are Gluten-Free? 

Almost all of the handmade chocolate and fudge items are gluten free except for a few specific ones (Birthday cake truffle and Cookies n' cream Truffle). 

Do you have any Vegan products? 

Yes, please see our Gourmet Fudge collection for our variety of Vegan Fudge and handmade artisan bark.  

How long do your confections last for?

Our Gourmet Fudge lasts 6-8 weeks at room temperature. Our Artisan Truffle Bars last 3 months at room temperature and our other confection items have a shelf life of 2 months. Our confections will last up to 6 months in the freezer. 

What is the best way to store your products?

Fudge – Please keep at room temperature on the counter, out of direct sunlight for up to 6 weeks. If the fudge gets dry, you can wrap in seran wrap for a short period of time and that will soften it. You can also wrap the fudge and put in the freezer. 

Chocolates should be left in a cool/dry location out of direct sunlight at 68 degrees for optimal shelf life. If you like to keep longer, Please place in an air tight container in the freezer. 


Where are your other locations?

Our HQ store is located in Grove City, PA in the Grove City outlets. You can also find us doing Pop-Up events around the country through our local operator network and visit our Locations page to see if we have any new updates for you!

What is your return/refund policy?

If you are unsatisfied in any way with any of our perishable products, please contact customer service and we will do anything we can to improve your experience with us. 

Due to the perishable nature of our fudge and chocolate items we are unable to accept returns. If you are unsatisfied in any way with a shipment you have received, please contact customer service at ( or and we will do anything we can to improve your experience with us. More information can be found here: Return Policy

Can you do custom colors on the truffles and/or custom packaging? 

Yes, we have done hundreds of custom requests through the years. Please call or email us for details. One of custom concierge specialists will be waiting to help you. 

Do you offer Candy Making Parties?

Yes, our friendly staff is always more than happy to teach and have fun with you during our Chocolate Classes. However, due to COVID restrictions these are temporarily on hold. Please contact us to find out when they will be lifted. 

Do you offer Gift Cards? 

Yes, we do! We just started this item.

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