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Free shipping on orders of $75!
Free shipping on orders of $75!

10 pk Holiday Truffle Collection

Truffle Bars
$ 25.95

Our Holiday Collection offers the perfect blend of winter flavors and spices to bring warmth and coziness this Holiday season! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!! Enjoy our warm and cozy winter flavors in this special collection.  Each box contains 2 of each Gingerbread, Dark Peppermint Stick, Cinnamon Strudel, Cranberry Pomegranate, and White Candy Cane.

Each chocolate truffle is wrapped in pure Belgian chocolate, filled with a silky smooth center made of creamy ganache, and uniquely hand painted with cocoa butter

You can expect a Soft Silky Smooth Center Coated in Chocolate. Pure and Natural Taste. 0 Trans Fats. Non-Alcoholic. Hand painted with Cocoa Butter. Gluten Free. Belgian Chocolate. Micro Batches. Family Owned. No Egg or Wheat. 50% Less Sugar.

10 pcs per box, 20 G each piece, 200 Grams total