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FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $75!!
FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $75!!



America’s Best FUDGE!

We’re proud to be bringing America’s Best Fudge and Confections to the Grove City Outlets. You will be able to find us here all year-round!

Our Factory Store allows us to have a test area for special items not found in other locations, which means more items and more flavors for you to experience! Customers can also enjoy spending time drinking of one of our custom chocolate drinks at our Gourmet Chocolate Drinks Bar! 


Chocolate Moonshine Co. is known for America’s Best Fudge and Hand-Painted Chocolate Truffle Bars Using the finest ingredients—Belgian chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, and pure sugar cane—and traditional cooking methods, we’ve raised the standard of fudge worldwide. Indulge in any of our 30+ flavors of Fudge and Chocolate Truffles to taste the difference.

Chocolate Moonshine maintains our commitment to quality, innovation, and fun. What started as a passion project in the evenings under the moon soon became the talk of the town and we are proud to be a part of the Grove City community. 


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